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5. Build Transformation as a differentiating capability

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What they’re saying

Transform Your Business

The new updated Business Architecture Framework describes the foundation needed to connect corporate strategy to business activity. This alignment improves the efficiency and effectiveness of an organization and clarity in where the organization is headed. This framework will transform your business and deliver results!

Lisa Schurch / Board Member

Brings Everything (across the organization) Together

The materials presented were clear and provided the context needed to ‘bring everything together.’ Leaders and practitioners alike will deeply benefit from these courses!

Kylie Feldman / Head of Business Architecture

Next Level of Education

As a recent Industrial Engineer graduate, these courses provided me with the next level of education that I needed to both understand what is really going on in the industry, while equipping me with the language, tools, and perspective to stand out among my peers. Fantastic content.

Alex Leust / Business Development Engineer

Ties Together All Components of Business Architecture

This is the first training that ties together all the latest key components of Business Architecture. You will learn practical methods for success in your career, including how to build agile, adaptive organizations that can anticipate future change. The content is top-notch.

Dr. Kevin Anderson / Organizational Development Leader

Strong End-to-End Understanding of Strategy2Execution

MCT brings a strong, grounded end-to-end understanding of Strategy2Execution with a pragmatic approach. They “make sense” and educate, inform, and above all clarify the transformation landscape. If you are leading transformation and want to be a clarifying voice, their offerings are worth a serious look.

Shawn P. / Customer Success Leader

Revenue Generational

More than ever organizations need a clear line of site from strategy to revenue generation. MCT provides the tools and advanced methodologies to effectively shift to the ‘new normal’ without missing a beat. A practical approach coupled with real world experience makes their material understandable and immediately applied.

Eric KS. / Chief Revenue Officer