Who We Are

Our mission is to train individuals and teams by providing online business transformation courses with both real-world techniques and practical applications to maximize operations excellence.

My Career Transformation (MCT) is an online training company focused on providing the latest proven and practical content to individuals and companies in the discipline of business transformation. After the book “Business Transformation Field Guide” went to print, the authors and other business transformation leaders recognized the lack of current and practical learning content to equip Transformation Professionals with the skills and tools necessary to drive sustainable transformation. 

Our mission is to train individuals and teams by providing online business transformation courses with both real-world techniques and practical applications to maximize operations excellence. 

Thus, the curriculum for MCT was created. Our online courses are built around four disciplines, each with comprehensive curriculum.  We have over 30 courses in the disciplines of Transformation Architecture, Business (Enterprise) Architecture, Process Architecture and Leadership Transformation. 

Leading edge courses and learning tracks will be released sequentially in the disciplines of Organization Architecture, Experience Architecture and Digital Architecture. Our goal is to offer over 100 unique courses throughout 2021. 

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The MCT Advantage

The biggest advantage of the My Career Transformation (MCT) platform is experience. Our authors are recognized industry experts who strive to provide practical, experience-based guidance in every course they write. They’ve trained business transformation teams of all sizes, working on projects starting from problem resolution all the way to an excellent transformation. They understand all aspects of the transformation, from business strategy and execution, through operational excellence, and from legacy to modern technologies.

MCT is indispensable to your career development because we are the only interdisciplinary source of transformational knowledge with a proven track record of success.

Why is Business Transformation Important?

Business transformation is complex, expensive and much different than either business or IT projects.  It is invasive, risky, costly, and disruptive to the people going through a true transformation in both small teams and large corporations.

We are at a critical point in the evolution of both our global society and how we will do business in the future.  The old is being replaced and companies recognize they must evolve or go out of business.  As companies evolve, they are looking for people with the skills needed to drive and support both business improvement and business transformation. 

We can help you build the knowledge you will need to succeed and to create the skills and competencies that will help you be an asset to your company.

Our Founding Authors

Any training is only as good as the experience and expertise of the people who write the courses. Our authors each have over 30 years of practical experience in multiple industries and technologies, leading more than 100 projects in business strategy, transformation, BPM, systems implementation, organization redesign and rescue projects.

The courses Dan and Keith write are not simply theory or a compilation of what they researched from other sources. From experience they know what works and what doesn’t. Together they worked for some of the most prestigious consulting firms including Andersen, E&Y, TATA, PWC, Infosys, Capco, Oracle and IBM. Their senior roles include VP of Transformation, US Practice Director for Infosys and TATA, Executive Consultant, Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO), Chief Information Officer (CIO), and more.

In addition, the authors are either current or past board members of the Business Architecture Association (now the Business Architecture Guild), PEX Global Advisory Board, Forrester Research International BPM Council and the Association of Business Process Professionals (ABPMP). Dan and Keith have led the creation of professional certification exams and their associated bodies of knowledge.

Daniel C. Morris


My Career Transformation, Inc.

Dan has over 30 years of experience in business and IT operation transformation and management. He is the author of 5 books on Business Transformation and over 70 papers and articles.  

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Keith Leust

CBA, Six Sigma Black Belt

My Career Transformation, Inc.

Keith is a results-driven business leader with over 30 years of hands on experience. He co-authored the first Business Architecture certification exam for the Business Architects Association (BAA) and helped launch the business architecture practice for Oracle.

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Moving to a Digital Classroom

Many people forget up to 75% of what they learned in their training within a week. Learning retention is critical and can be affected by different sources, such as short attention span, unclear messaging, or if the content isn’t application to someone’s day-to-day work.

We believe we have redesigned the training delivery model. We engage the learner from the beginning with course content they can actually use and support their efforts through:

You don’t have to start from scratch to employ these tactics effectively. Our platform can implement and manage all of these items directly in our online learning management system (LMS).

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