Birds fly south in a V formation, conserving energy for the group. Is your team moving in formation? or even the same direction?

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Flying in Formation

When geese fly south, they are clear on one thing … the direction that they are all flying.

All too often, leaders are not aligned in the direction the organization is going. I mean, many don’t even know the priorities that need to be undertaken. In your experience, how often is one VP pushing their personal agenda? this could happen while another VP is headed in a different direction.

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Is everyone following the leader or going their own way?


In my experience, at a high-tech service firm, leaders were all pursuing their own revenue targets; often stealing people and resources from one another.

This internal competition stressed the employees as there were pulled in different directions, sometimes on a daily basis, trying to serve different leaders.

Instead of working together to generate lost revenue from the pandemic, the company was losing more customers because they could not service the ones they already had.

For a video on recapturing your customers before the competition does, check out how to Re-Engage Your Customers NOW.

Sound Familiar?

Many people don’t know which priorities need to be undertaken. In addition, leadership doesn’t define or create too broad goals and focus is lost. Sound familiar?

The key takeaway is your entire enterprise must be aligned with the direction of your company.  Do you think the pyramids would have been built if long gone “volunteers” didn’t pull those massive stones in the same direction?

Success principles are like any other discipline, a mindset.  A mindset that is taught by experts.  People who have walked the path before you and have implemented successful change.  

Here’s a tip, success is available to anyone willing to do the research and find out the right way to achieve their goals.  We’re here to help you on your road to success.  Check out our free courses for more.

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