Sometimes you have to dare to be different. Do you know when that opportunity is in front of you? Or do you let it slip by?

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These days, many employees simply follow the rules and don’t really think beyond them.  However, the most valuable people in any group are those who understand why a rule is there and when it’s appropriate to seize an opportunity and break some rules. These employees think outside the box, or as they say “go off the guard rails”.

Is it always a BAD thing to challenge rules that were established long long ago?

Breaking our hold on the past

Breaking our hold on the past allows the company to find valuable opportunities to improve.   For example, today a lot of great people have lost their jobs as whole departments are cut.  Some of these people are highly experienced and would be a great addition to your company.   

If one of these great critical thinkers applies to a company, then Human Resources typically looks to see if they have an open requisition – following the standard procedures. 

Anyone can Have Business Success

But opportunity hires often bring the best of the best.  The valuable Human Resources recruiter in the previous example thinks past the rules and calls the appropriate business manager to see if he or she wants to fit in.  This is the way the outstanding staff is built and expectations are exceeded. 

Furthermore, this same approach should be universal in companies – follow the rules, but if it would be to the companies benefit, move past them and present the opportunity to the right person.  This makes you so much more valuable to the company. With constant disruption do the rules of yesterday really serve us well today?

This does not mean act unethically to benefit your organization. You should still have morals and respect for your community and environment.

Disruption Demands New Thinking

In conclusion, the world around us is increasingly and constantly being disrupted. Mother Nature is holding us back with viruses and global warming while technologies continue to innovate. All the while our competition is up all night thinking up ways to capture our customers. Customers who are shifting their values and behaviors.

Unfortunately, the typical response to disruption is reactionary. Instead, they should be recognizing the reality that the next disruption is just around the corner. So, how can the rules of yesterday apply when the world today is increasingly in flux.

I wrote a great course that explores the nature of business disruption and how to build the organizational muscle and capabilities needed to anticipate and be ready for what comes next. Check out Disruption and Business Transformation to gain new skills and lead in our ‘new normal’ of disruption.

Success principles are like any other discipline, a mindset.  A mindset that is taught by experts.  People who have walked the path before you and have implemented successful change.  

Here’s a tip, success is available to anyone willing to do the research and find out the right way to achieve their goals.  We’re here to help you on your road to success.  Check out our free courses for more.

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We offer tools and resources to help transform your organization and career on your journey to success. It’s time to take change head-on rather than waiting around, scared or uncertain for your organization and future.  You cannot live in fear.  Your organization needs your help right now and will greatly reward this kind of thinking.

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