Business Architecture

Alignment of Vision, Strategy, and Execution

Business Architects create alignment among leadership to ensure that the right investments in people, processes and technology are made to ensure that strategic objectives are achieved. This discipline provides a holistic view of the business and defines clear linkages between the business vision, strategy, and strategy execution. These linkages help senior management to:

  • Define a differentiated customer experience
  • Identify the critical capabilities needed to execute the strategy
  • Build an investment roadmap that delivers Business Transformation
  • Determine an operating model that will work today and tomorrow
  • Create an adaptive organizational structure

We offer several distinct learning tracks to become an effective Business Architect, based on real-world company work and best practices that drive success.


Business Architecture Foundation

A deep dive into the evolving discipline of Business Architecture written by some of the leaders in the field.  We outline the role of the business architect, this includes how to demonstrate value to your leadership and provides tools to build your own architectural framework. Learners follow a step-by-step guide to create a business strategy and strategic objectives that matter. Capability models are introduced and aligned with investment roadmaps that prioritize closing capability gaps. We discuss the role of a Business Architect in defining an operating model and putting it into practice. Finally we define how people, process and technology need to be aligned to establish the foundation for your organization’s success.

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LEARNING TRACK #2 – Coming soon!

Building a Business Architecture CoE

This learning track delves into the execution of strategy and how to create links between leadership, governance, people, process and technology. Learners will implement an operating model to define their organization and prepare for transformation. Metrics will be defined to align strategic objectives to business performance. Learn techniques to work with leadership to engage and facilitate discussions around strategy execution.

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How Business Architecture translates strategy to results