Business Transformation

The Foundation for Change

Business Transformation is a change management strategy, which has the aim to align the company initiatives of people, process and technology more closely with its business strategy and vision. It is also invasive, costly, and disruptive to the people going through it.

Transformations require specialized knowledge and competencies that cover topics such as defining a differentiating strategy, aligning strategic objectives to your investment roadmap, implementing operational excellence practices, adaptive organization design, digitization of both operations and customer journey, operational governance, performance management, , and operational redesign.

The curriculum provides both foundation and senior practitioner level knowledge on starting transformations, along with a practical guides, frameworks, tools and templates on how to successfully execute change in your organization.

Business Transformation

Establish a solid understanding of strategy alignment and the management of change necessary to achieve desired results.  The curriculum provides conceptual frameworks, practical tolls that can be implemented immediately as well as case studies to understand both the organization and execution.

Learners will be introduced to the foundation elements of business transformation, business paradigms, the capabilities unique to successful organizational transformation.