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Business Transformation Consulting

Transformation is the fundamental re-imagining of all aspects of an organization. This includes the business strategy, the processes that deliver results, the organization and how people are leveraged, and the digital environment that delivers technology services and creates digital differentiation in the product and services offered to the market.

Transformation has many different definitions and a host of different approaches based on who and where the effort is being sponsored within your organization. The lack of intentional planning, design and implementation along with a lack of transformation experience are at the core of the industry wide 70% failure rate.

Our team of seasoned experts have walked in your shoes. We have worked for many of the largest consulting firms and held executive positions within organization in multiple industries. We understand how to deliver results in any environment.

Consulting Services Include:

  • Readiness Assessment – identify the gaps in your ability to effectively transformation
  • Transformation Planning – ensure that your transformation plan will enable your growth agenda by addressing the root causes of failure before they occur
  • Hyper Automation Integration – understanding how to leverage the next generation digital solutions to differentiate your business strategy
  • Upskilling Your Transformation Team – with the latest lessons learned from successful transformation efforts
  • Building Transformational Leadership – discussions on how to plan, fund and drive successful Business Transformation
  • Analyzing and Redesigning – business operations to focus on high value improvement and long-term success

Next Generation Training & Education

Organizations have unique needs in upskilling their key talent to successfully achieve their transformation targets. We work shoulder to shoulder with your teams to develop the skills and capabilities that are essential for building the muscle to transform.

At MCT, we augment our consulting with formal online training to prepare team members to build the same knowledge and procedure foundation needed to deliver consistent success.

Our team of authors are experts having held the leadership positions that are accountable for results. We have been responsible for over 100 successful improvement and transformation projects, and we know what works and what doesn’t.

Customized Training – as part of consulting projects or as separate focused training

  • Customized Development of Internal Online Training – we work with you to build courses for high turn over and critical areas that require outcome consistency – making people fully productive as soon as possible
  • Mentoring – we offer focused mentoring sessions where your transformation teams can ask the authors transformation questions to improve outcomes
  • Hyper Automation – our methodology addresses approach, analysis, planning, tools, for any transformation effort

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