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Our online curriculum is growing to over 100 unique courses. Our content is structured around the five disciplines needed to achieve Operations Excellence. Check out each discipline below for customized learning tracks and recommended courses.

Leadership Playbook

This pandemic has disrupted the way we do business. Our team of industry experts identified the five leadership plays that every leader needs to immediately execute to shift from surviving to thriving.

We cover why they are the most critical issues that you need to focus on and how to implement solutions immediately with the tools, templates and guides that are provided in each leadership play. These short courses equip you to take action now.

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Business Transformation

Business Transformation is the evolution of business strategy. It focuses on reimagining, redefining, and differentiating your organization.  Transformation at its core requires intentional planning, design and implementation of a future state that will position you ahead of your competition. 

We leverage change management to align the company initiatives of people, process, and technology more closely with its business strategy and vision. The objective is to transform all aspects of your organization starting with the strategy and objectives; the investments in business capacities, how you define your operating model, leverage digital solutions, and engage your people.

Each learning track provides foundation knowledge on starting transformations with practical tools, templates, and guides to successfully execute change in your business.

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Business Architecture

Business Architecture translates strategy into business outcomes. The Business Architect is responsible for aligning vision, strategy and execution of the organization model in both business operations and technology. The learning track ensures that you build the competencies and practical skills to apply a formal architectural framework to your organization.

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Process Architecture

The business operation is comprised of multiple interwoven processes that each produce a product or service. Process Architecture designs and implements business processes that enable the organization to deliver on its customer promise.

The learning tracks in this discipline focus on leveraging the capability of technology to optimize the performance of the processes to ensure that efficiency and effectiveness are built throughout the organization.

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Technology Architecture

This discipline focuses on the technology which enables an organization. This track is a dive into the design and activity support that is combined with the operation of computer solutions to deliver digital capabilities. The courses enable a Technology Architect to design integrated solutions that recognize the implications of a legacy environment. In addition we teach you how to create a low-cost to today’s digital solutions to prepare the company to beat the competition and dominate market share.

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Organization Architecture

One of the largest costs and most important assets of an organization are its people. Organization Architecture creates and implements a strategy to align the people within the organization. Proving clear connections between people’s roles and the organizations objectives; aligning team members to the overall operating model.

Traditionally this discipline was called Change Management. We have dramatically updated this discipline to include more than just the philosophies and tools to help people through transitions. We have created a proven methodology and practical tools to implement an adaptive organization that leverages people to their maximum potential while building the capacities to recognize change and disruption as a strategic advantage.

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We guide you to Operations Excellence

Operations Excellence is a target operating state where the activity in your company meets all performance goals and is capable of ongoing improvement. The goal is to be flexible –  enough to constantly look at the company’s markets and customers to rapidly adjust for change and opportunities. 

We believe that while some companies have achieved this state, only a few can maintain it. This takes both commitment and investment, and can only be achieved through the collaboration of all disciplines.

Our hand-crafted curriculum will guide you and your company through the foundations of each discipline. Participants will then understand how the concepts and techniques of their disciplines can work together.

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