Employees need to be committed and energized in an organization. Treat them like the independent free-thinking people they are.

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These days, it seems like employee morale is at an all-time low.  Some employees feel unsafe at work while others are being chastised for unclear expectations.  Employee morale is important because the everyday employee is crucial to making your business run successfully.

Who knows better about the day-to-day efficiency and effectiveness than the frontline worker?  Who better to gain insights, for root cause analysis as an example, than from than your own staff, the people doing the jobs you want to improve?  Employees will make or break your organization.

Communication is Key

At one of my consulting projects, in particular an insurance company, we engaged the senior leadership team in the design and planning of their strategic change plan.  But more importantly, we also engaged their directors, managers, and employees in the design and planning of a 3-year roadmap.  A roadmap that laid out the company goals and how this project would help deliver these goals in relation to the Operating Model.  

By bringing in the everyday employees, we were able to get more buy-in and insight from the company as a whole.  The overall plan was better than if we’d only brought in senior staff.  Moreover, the plan was implemented better because the everyday employee felt included and listened to.  This is a great way to please everyone in an organization in the face of daunting change.

Pro-Tip for Implementation

Now when it came to implementing this project, we put in place a communications plan to inform every employee not only what changes they could expect across the organization and their department but also shared with them how and when changes would affect them as individuals. This occurred consistently every two weeks with messages which were always aligned from the CEO and Office of Transformation. 

These broadcasts included instructions, examples, and supporting comments from leaders across the organization.  We also made it clear that we were open to any and all feedback, questions, or comments about the changes.  Including your workforce is a great way to make more intelligent and effective decisions.

Compelling Results

In conclusion, people trust leadership and participate in change when they do not feel threatened by the prospect of the unknown. In fact, this change can be greatly enhanced by everyday employees by including them in changes, this also helps implement changes in the long run. 

Do not treat your employees as cogs in a machine.  Employees are dynamic, independent thinkers who may just have some good ideas.”  

The organized course of best employee engagement practices can be found here.

Success principles are like any other discipline, a mindset.  A mindset that is taught by experts.  People who have walked the path before you and have implemented successful change.  

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