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GM announced that by 2035 it will STOP manufacturing fossil-fueled vehicles. Imagine the transformation that is needed to change this century’s old organization known for the Cadillac, Corvette, and the iconic beast the Pontiac GTO. 

Raising the bar overnight

A couple of weeks after GM’s announcement, Jaguar announced that it would stop selling all internal combustion engine-based cars by 2025.  Ten years sooner than GM.  Granted they have a much smaller market presence, fewer car models …. Still talk about raising the bar!

Rethinking Everything

Look at what must be done, Critically think, Root Cause Analysis. They must design a vehicle platform that is increasingly high-tech and software-driven, not based on a V8 big block engine. They have the challenge of building a vehicle with 40% less and different parts and figuring out new global sourcing and manufacturing processes.

GM must sell a solution that is manufactured to specific customer specifications, not based on the Touring vs. the Performance package.  These are just a few of the profound shifts that will be required across the organization. GM would be wise to plan out different scenarios when they make these grand statements.

Has Competition Already Leapfrogged You?

Imagine your competition radically changing their strategy.  How is your organization thinking about these types of shifts and what are the actions that you are taking now to begin your journey to continuous transformation? Check out this 5-minute YouTube video on GM.

Success principles are like any other discipline, a mindset.  A mindset that is taught by experts.  People who have walked the path before you and have implemented successful change.  

Here’s a tip, success is available to anyone willing to do the research and find out the right way to achieve their goals.  We’re here to help you on your road to success.  Check out our free courses for more.

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We offer tools and resources to help transform your organization and career on your journey to success. It’s time to take change head-on rather than waiting around, scared or uncertain for your organization and future.  You cannot live in fear.  Your organization needs your help right now and will greatly reward this kind of thinking.

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