Meetings suck.  70% of Change and Business Transformation efforts fail to meet expectation.  Is there a correlation? 

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So Many Meetings

To start, somewhere between 10 and 50 million meetings are held each day in the United States alone. Pointless and ineffective meetings costing valuable time, energy and sap the life out of people.  In today’s, ‘new normal’ we need to get things done right.  Make decisions fast.  

Collaborate to gain alignment and commitment.  Meetings are intended to help but often derail us from accomplishing our goals together. We have a whole blog about alignment, click here, if you’re interested.

Things Need To Happen, Fast

This is where Change and Business Transformation come in.  Almost every executive, leader, and manager of people are running hard to survive and grow their organizations after the chaos and disruption of 2020.  Yet we are still in countless meetings, some useful and others, well not so much. 

Over the past 30 years, there have been hundreds of books, articles, and countless ‘consultants’ running workshops with tips and tricks to run more effective meetings.  Yet almost 50% of meetings are either partially or completely a waste of time.  

Types of Meetings

Meetings tend to fall into four categories: brainstorming, planning/decision making, problem-solving and status update/staff discussions.  Change and business transformation can be found in the mix somewhere in just about every type of meeting. 

The challenge is not to apply tips and tricks that are generic, hoping that they apply to your organization.  Instead, real research by the top meeting scientists points to getting specific meeting feedback from your people, in your organization. 

Simply reading a book may provide some improvement in a few meetings. However, leaps in meeting effectiveness across your organization occur when people have feedback on their meetings.  The feedback is specific, relevant, and actionable.

Dare to be Different

I have teamed up with one of the top meeting scientists, Dr. Joseph Allen, professor at the University of Utah and the Director of the Center for Meeting Effectiveness.  Over the past decade, he has published more than 100 articles, books, and papers on the topic of workplace meetings, including a new book on making virtual meetings work.  I have been in the Business Transformation space for the last several decades, both as a leader e.g. CHRO, VP Transformation and as an executive consultant with E&Y, Oracle, and others.

We are launching a paid study to assess meeting effectiveness and are looking for participants.  To qualify your organization will need to record (audio only) meetings of several types including brainstorming, planning/decision-making, and staff/update across different parts of your organization e.g. Finance, Operations, Product Development or Marketing.  Additionally, we need meeting participants to complete a brief (10 questions) survey about each meeting they attend.

All information will be completely confidential, and no names associated with your meetings.  We will assess your meetings and provide a detailed report out by Dr. Allen containing specific data indicating how to dramatically improve your organization’s meeting effectiveness.

Take Action

Check us out and let me know if you are interested in participating. 

Success principles are like any other discipline, a mindset.  A mindset that is taught by experts.  People who have walked the path before you and have implemented successful change.  

Here’s a tip, success is available to anyone willing to do the research and find out the right way to achieve their goals.  We’re here to help you on your road to success.  Check out our free courses for more.

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We offer tools and resources to help transform your organization and career on your journey to success. It’s time to take change head-on rather than waiting around, scared or uncertain for your organization and future.  You cannot live in fear.  Your organization needs your help right now and will greatly reward this kind of thinking.

Please add your thoughts to this blog, or better yet just contact us and we can explore this further to ensure that the investments you are ALREADY making drive your strategy.

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