Organization Architecture

Enabling Your Team for Change

One of the largest costs and most important assets of an organization are its people. An Organization Architect works with leadership and the Human Resources team to implement a strategy that ensures that the right talent are in the right roles, the organizational structure is aligned with the operating model and people are equipped with the resources they need to recognize change as a strategic asset.  We build adaptive organization structures that flex as disruption occurs and ensures that your people have the capabilities to shift as change continues to accelerate.

The courses on creating and implementing a strategy to align people within an organization, proving clear connections between people’s roles and business objectives. This helps align team members to the overall operating model. Tools are provided to ensure that investments in people directly result in strategic outcomes and business results.

LEARNING TRACK #1 – Coming soon!

Organization Architect Foundation

This learning track will review the role of the organization architect and introduce a foundation framework to apply to your company operations. Learners will review techniques to integrate critical components into the framework, such as work alignment, culture, talent, employee engagement, change management and readiness assessment. 

LEARNING TRACK #2 – Coming soon!

Managing Change and Transformation

This learning track will cover how organizational architects can work with Strategic Planning groups to determine overall organization structure and how to design systems that attract, retain, and develop your organizations talent. Critical concepts are also introduced for managing stakeholders, techniques for sustaining change, and steps to provide performance management for your team.