Our Platform

The MyCareer online learning system is an incredibly robust platform, capable of delivering both online and offline content tailored to your needs. Our platform is fully responsive and mobile-ready.

What makes our courses great?

Our authors follow a meticulous creation process to ensure the same level of quality and practice is present in every course we provide. Each course is centered around defined learning objectives or competencies that can be assessed. Objectives are then broken down into multiple sections so learners can easily pause and resume where they left off.

Learners can also freely navigate to different sections within the course, making it easy to find a specific topic or review a case study. All our courses can be used for professional development credits (PDU’s) for your on-the-job training.

Easy User Dashboard

Access all your courses from one place. The Dashboard is a customizable page where learners can easily find all their courses, track their progress, and manage their profile information. We even have a “no distraction” mode for desktop computers, where you can make your course full-screen without any notifications.

Offline Learning

If you lose connectivity, offline mode will be automatically enabled and all interactions that are tracked by the course tools are saved. If you are back online, the offline actions are synchronized back to the My Career platform, either merging it with other incomplete data or saving it as a new action.

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Special Tools for Training PROFESSIONALS

Our platform is equipped with advanced learning tools for individuals or teams to track learning progress

We can easily add assessments to your training group to capture the current proficiency of the learn both before and after each course.

Looking for a custom solution?

We are your training partner

Do you have content ready to go? We will work with you to combine your existing training material with our creative expertise to provide a customized course or learning track for your company. 

Need help putting together a course? Our education team can match you up with an author to provide consultation services to create your training material. Our authors have over 30 years of practical experience in multiple industries and technologies, leading more than 100 BPM transformation and rescue projects.  

No course is complete without help from our graphic design and production teams. We work with you to provide:

  • Graphic Design
  • Image Library
  • Custom course templates
  • Narration and Voice-over
  • Language Services
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