Process Architecture

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Every organization is either currently involved in some level of change or is considering it.  Why? Because change is needed to remain competitive.  Technology alone is driving a revolution in the capabilities that organizations have at their disposal.  However they are also driving a rapidly evolving customer experience and creating a level of expectation that requires the ability to adapt how you do business rapidly and remain relevant to your customers.

To accommodate this unprecedented rate of disruptive change, the organization of tomorrow will need to be capable of widescale fundamental change in a matter of a few months. And do it again, and again, and again. This capability is not going to be optional as progressive companies learn to adapt the process, technology and organization infrastructure needed to support our current pace of high quality, low cost and low risk change.


Business Process Architect

This learning track is designed for people who are seeking to develop the knowledge and competencies required to move to the Process Architect level. Learners will review competencies from a full range of process business improvement and transformation activities. Including; process modeling, process design, performance management, iBPM, and process transformation as they are used in modern technologies.  These courses ensure learners gain the competencies needed to immediately become productive in new assignment and roles.  We are committed to building professionals who will become leaders of business improvement projects to transform your organization.

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LEARNING TRACK #2 – Coming Soon!

Business Process Analyst

This learning track is designed for people who are new to the business transformation industry. The courses in this learning track provide a solid foundation for participating in a process improvement project or a business transformation. This review will provide an exposure to the concepts, techniques, and tools that are a central part of process improvement projects.

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The Discipline of Process Architecture