What I am learning about in 2021 about a career leading Transformation. This is a deep dive, so enjoy! Note this blog contains many links to external resources to deepen your skill set.

Anyone with an internet connection can learn just about everything necessary for career success.  Luckily, we provide professional development content online.  Our courses provide you the skills and capabilities to succeed in the disciplines of Business TransformationProcess ArchitectureBusiness Architecture, and as a Leader of Change.  Simply click a field you’re interested in and learn more.  

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Embrace Change

Are you one of the architects of change in your organization?  Change and transformation require both skill and practical experience of having been there and done that… successfully.  Do you have the right blend of skills and the practical skills to get the job done in today’s high-stress, disruptive world that has little tolerance for failure? 

Those who will have careers, not just jobs, will be those who invest in themselves in any and all of the following roles: Business, Process, Technology, Experience, and Organizational Architects.  They are the superstars who are turned to again and again and are accountable for the design, planning, and implementation of change and transformation.  Are you ready? 

Capabilities for job and career survival … and beyond

So let’s get to it.  Companies today are realizing that the capabilities that built their success today, will become obsolete tomorrow.  As traditional roles are increasingly automated, organizations are becoming more adaptive and flexible.  As this trend increases, we are recognizing that the remaining employees will be increasingly focused on ‘what’s next’.  

This will become a key issue that relates to each person’s knowledge, experience, and skills – training. In fact, the e-Learning platform MyCareerTransformation was created to address this very real need.

Reinforcement Loop

Those people who have specialized knowledge on the company’s operation or its rules, and thus have special value, will need ongoing training programs to keep up with the changes in the company’s operation and in their industry.  To be and remain relevant people need to invest aggressively in building out their own skill sets and taking control of their personal careers and competencies.

This is a reinforcing loop.  Organizations need the next generation of capabilities to remain competitive, and employees need the next generation of capabilities to be relevant.  Let’s look at each of the three domains individually, explore the specific capabilities that they include, and the resources available to build them.

Organizational Agility

  • Anticipating and planning for massive disruption.  For more information check out the recent white paper on Business Disruption and the Business Transformation course entitled Disruption and Business Transformation
  • Recognizing and defining new business paradigms to ensure differentiation is designed and delivered into every customer interaction. To learn more, explore the newly released course How Business Paradigms Drive Transformation
  • Reevaluating your essential business capabilities and determining which to deprioritize, which to invest in and which new capabilities to acquire. Capability Modeling is a capability most often found in the Business Architecture community.  A great course to explore is titled Build Your Capability Model
  • Building continuous business transformation into the fabric of leadership and across the organization. This is about recognizing that transformation never ends, and it needs to be focused on evolving the business, rather than deploying the next generation of digital solutions. For an executive view explore the course titled Business Transformation: Executive Insights

Team Effectiveness

  • Implementing different work practices that focus on outcomes and results, and do not reward firefighting, endless unproductive meetings, and decisions driven by hidden self-serving personal agendas. A curriculum has been tailored for leaders and managers of people titled Leadership Playbook
  • Embracing the work from anywhere paradigm while keeping your people motivated, connected, and loyal. The course Re-Establish Employee Commitment is laser-focused on building this capability
  • Leaders of people will need to learn how to manage from afar.  In some cases managing teams that you may never come into physical contact with.  While this has been occurring with the outsourcing of jobs and functions around the world, the results have been mixed.  To deliver on the level of customer interaction and experience of tomorrow, managers will need to apply lessons from outsourcing failures and develop new delivery models.
  • Making the combinational effect work with disbursed teams.  In other words how to ensure that people who are working in tandem far exceed their abilities when deployed separately working on only piece parts of a solution.  This requires greater alignment and the ability to integrate problem solutioning from both an inter-and intra-company perspective. Employees will need to be equipped with these new ways of collaborating. An interesting course that builds teams by equipping them with tools to make change around them is Mobilize the Entire Workforce

Digital Capability

  • Leaders of people will need to learn how to manage from afar.  In some cases managing teams that you may never come into physical contact with.  While this has been occurring with the outsourcing of jobs and functions around the world, the results have been mixed.  To deliver on the level of customer interaction and experience of tomorrow, managers will need to apply lessons from outsourcing failures and develop new delivery models.
  • Partnering with the business to rethink the business rules that were developed over the last 20 years to ensure they enable new business strategies rather than constrain them with forgotten and undocumented rules and requirements that force bad decisions and actions. An innovative course titled Business Process Transformation explores exactly how to build the next generation of business processes.
  • Hardening and building digital flexibility to weather any disruptive event. The investment in technology and the cost of providing digital solutions continue to grow.  As this trend continues, your technology environment needs to be made ‘future proof’ to the next disruptive event. This goes beyond the traditional disaster planning exercises. For newly released in-depth course with the latest methods and tools check out Digital Agility and Resilience: Future Proofing Against Disruptive Events.
  • Implementing all things digital across all business processes. A great source of thought leadership that is independent of the big software and consulting firms is Jim Sinur’s Digital Topics for All blog.
  • Applying Artificial Intelligence Engineering to create dynamic processes and customer experiences.  This is a rapidly developing discipline that is evolving constantly as new and innovative applications are being designed and implemented. Universities like Texas A&M and Northwestern are pioneering learning programs in this area.

A path forward

Knowledge workers are looking at the future with last year’s ‘new normal’ in mind.  People are now recognizing that the skills and capabilities that made us successful are not enough.  As you witness the changes around you, we invite you to dig deeper.  What are the paradigms that are shifting, how are organizations adopting Continuous Strategic Planning and putting in place adaptive structures that flex rather than break when the stress and chaos of change and disruption hit again?

With understanding comes the recognition that new learning is needed.  We invite you to explore the many links to resources provided throughout this blog.

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Success principles are like any other discipline, a mindset.  A mindset that is taught by experts.  People who have walked the path before you and have implemented successful change.  

Here’s a tip, success is available to anyone willing to do the research and find out the right way to achieve their goals.  We’re here to help you on your road to success.  Check out our free courses for more.

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